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March 4, 2024

Magazine 76092 Interview

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Dr. Hyeyoung Song, concert pianist and Weatherford College artist-in-residence, is a new inductee into the Steinway & Sons Teacher Hall of Fame, one of 67 piano educators from the United States and Canada awarded the honor last fall. “Dr. Song has had a monumental impact in her respective communities and has worked hard to touch lives and earn the recognition,” Bryan Elmore, Steinway’s director of institutional sales and educational services, said during the induction.

Song, a Coppell resident, has played in concerts throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Since 2007, she has worked at Weatherford College, where she founded the Weatherford College International Piano Competition. Known for her warm, expressive, and powerful tone, she is committed to sharing her passion through pedagogy. “I am especially humbled to receive this honor because I have had so many wonderful teachers in my life that have helped me become the person, musician, and educator that I am,” Song said.

Growing up in South Korea, Song didn’t anticipate becoming a professional pianist or teacher. But her mother has always loved music and exposed her to various genres at an early age, including Beethoven, Korean cinema classics, and American pop. She began taking lessons around age 8. By 13, piano was still a hobby. Like most middle schoolers, she hadn’t given much thought to being a concert pianist, but a music teacher at her school changed that.

“This teacher would play piano for the class and one day after he’d finished playing, he muttered to himself, ‘If the people of the world could hear beautiful music like this, there would be no hatred or war,’” Song said. This simple comment was transformative for her, and she began to feel called to be a professional musician to inspire those exact feelings in others.

While earning her master’s degree at a university in South Korea, Song’s class had a visiting professor from Texas Christian University. He listened to her play and immediately offered to bring her to TCU to continue studying. After completing her Artist Diploma at TCU, Song went on to earn her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. She believes music has the power to reach anyone and can transform lives regardless of age, gender, or background.

“One of the most special experiences I’ve had was working with prisoners,” she said. “Honestly, I was terrified to work there. It was my first job after I graduated with my doctorate degree, and they were my first students. But the way it affected these prisoners’ spirits was very moving. They obviously didn’t have much freedom, but the music made them feel free and as a teacher, it made me feel limitless.”

Song also founded and directs the Weatherford College Chamber Music Ensemble. She performs as often as her busy schedule allows. One thrilling performance took place in the sold-out Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in 2016, the finale of a tour to Europe and South Korea. “In my journey as a musician and a music teacher, I want to share joy with as many people as possible. I’m pleased to have a life as a messenger of God’s language,” Song said. “I want to inspire people in any form, as a teacher, performer, director, or mother.”

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