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May 14, 2009

Duo Azul

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Duo Azul, made up of Korean pianist Hyeyoung Song and American pianist Amy E. Gustafson, was founded in 2009, out of a deep friendship and a mutual love for the four-hands and two piano repertoires. The two met in Austin, Texas while they were both completing their doctoral degrees at the University of Texas. The Duo’s first performances were in 2009 in Texas, and they are both thrilled to be back together for several performances in the 2021-2022 season. 


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Duo Azul Concerts

April 24 2022 Duo Azul, College Station, Pennsylvania 

April 8 2022 Duo Azul, Alkek Performing Arts Center, Texas

Dec 6 2021, Recording, Gracepoint Media Hall

June 26 2019, Duo Azul, Penn’s Music Festival, Penn State University

March 17 2019,  Duo Azul Concert,  Mu Phi Epsilon Concert Series, Dallas Public Library

October 19 2018, Duo Azul Concert, Alkek Fine Arts Center Theatre, Weatherford College

Feb 15th & 16th 2018, Duo Azul Concert, Erskine College, South Carolina

Oct 30th 2017, Duo Azul Concert, SREC South Recital Hall,Tarrant County Community College

October 29th 2017,Duo Azul Recital, J. Erik Jonnson Central Library, Dallas, Texas

November 16th 2016 Duo Azul Concert, Bloomingdale Music School, New York City

November 12th 2016, Duo Azul House Concert, Coppell, Texas

November 11th 2016 Duo Azul Concert, Alkek Fine Arts Center Theatre, Weatherford College

November 12th 2015, Duo Azul Recital, The Concert Space at Beethoven’s Pianos, New York City

November 8th 2015, Duo Azul Recital, J. Erik Jonnson Central Library, Dallas, Texas

November 7th 2015, Duo Azul Recital, Alkek Fine Arts Center Theatre, Weatherford College

September 28th 2014, Duo Azul Recital, Mu Phi Epsilon Sunday Concert Series, Dallas Library, Texas

September 26th 2014, Duo Azul Concert, Alkek Fine Arts Center Theatre, Weatherford College

May 6th 2014, Duo Azul Concert, Yamaha Artists Service Salon, New York City

November 22nd 2009, First Presbyterian Church, Denton

November 20th 2009, Alkek Fine Arts Center Theatre, Weatherford College


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